Electric mobility for sustainable tourism

The transport sector is responsible for 28.3% of total CO2 emissions in the European Union. Ambitious emission reduction targets established by the European Commission involves the achievement of a Europe with zero climate impact by 2050 and a push to find new solutions to limit the negative effects of the transport sector on the environment.

With the development of a collective consciousness that is more sensitive to environmental issues interest in electric mobility has grown in recent years but several barriers still exist. The MOBSTER project (Electric mobility for sustainable tourism) considers the tools that are already in use in the e-mobility field and applies them in an innovative may in order to encourage the spread of electric mobility and promote sustainable tourism in cross-border areas of Italy and Switzerland.

Thanks to the involvement of Italian and Swiss partners from South Tyrol, the Province of Verbano-Cusio-Ossola and Canton Ticino, the initiative promotes the creation and consolidation of cross-border networks between businesses and other players operating in the electric mobility sector, in order to improve touristic enjoyment and encourage more sustainable lifestyles.

Project objectives

MOBSTER aims to relaunch the economy of cross-border regions in the Alps by increasing sustainable tourism in the areas of South Tyrol, the Province of Verbano-Cusio-Ossola and Canton Ticino. Over three years the project will entail the installation of charging infrastructure and will introduce new electric vehicles and innovative prototypes in the pilot areas involved.

The diffusion of electric mobility in the selected areas will contribute to creating “green” tourist regions that can attract environmentally conscious tourists and educate more traditional ones. The latter will be able to use special information tools and will be subject to awareness-raising work focused on the theme of sustainability applied to the transport and tourism sectors.

The 4 actions

  • Involve sector operators in the region

    Local stakeholders are invited to be part of a Strategic Committee with the aim of promoting the dissemination and replication of the main results of the project.

  • Technological development of infrastructure and innovative vehicles

    MOBSTER includes the installation of around 70 charging infrastructures for electric vehicles, the purchase of an electric boat and electric charging stations for mountain resorts and the prototype development of an emergency recharge system.

  • Create new business model

    Careful analysis of the economic aspects related to the solutions developed by the MOBSTER project ensures that it can be applied to other regional contexts as well as replicability, scalability and profitability.

  • Share and replicate the experience in the Region

    Defining and sharing best practices in the field of electric mobility, the result of studying progress in the three pilot areas provides further impetus to development in the sector.


The regions and the 3 pilot areas