e-charge 2023


The MOBSTER project was presented during E-CHARGE 2023, the conference and exhibition dedicated to the sector and industry of technologies, infrastructures and system solutions for recharging electric vehicles.

The speech presented the results achieved by the MOBSTER project, which tackled the problem of traffic congestion: one of the main problems of Alpine tourism as it is a source of environmental and noise pollution and diminishes the quality of life of the inhabitants. Through the installation of more than 70 recharging stations for e-bikes and electric cars, the goal of promoting electric mobility in Alpine regions was achieved.

Also presented was the innovative solution for emergency charging, as a support for the existing charging infrastructure, developed by Eurac Research in cooperation with the company Alpitronic. The V2V (Vehicle to Vehicle) charging prototype allows charging electric vehicles with discharged batteries directly on the road.

The prototype is based on a conventional Hypercharger, which has been reprogrammed to establish communication between the two vehicles. In the design process, special attention was paid to the charging speed and control of the device itself, allowing it to be disconnected at any time to ensure that the receiving vehicle has the minimum energy required to reach the nearest charging point or reach its destination. Laboratory tests based on a Nissan E-NV200 van (V2G vehicle) have shown that the prototype can reach charging powers of up to 20 kW.